Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mets Finally Cash In On Opportunity

The monkeys attended Shea Stadium today and things did not look good for most of the day. The Mets missed opportunity after opportunity to score leaving 11 runners on base for the afternoon. Mike Pelfrey rebounded from a 4th inning where he looked ready to implode to provide 7 solid innings in which he allowed 2 runs. It looked like the Mets were going to waste that effort, but these are the new & improved never say die Mets that seem to have gotten their fight back since Willie received a stay of execution from the Wilpons.

The crowd at Shea watched as scoreboard pleas from Tim Robbins, Kevin James and Chris Rock failed to motivate the Mets to get a big hit. Following the 8th inning blaring of the inspiring Monkees' tune "I'm a Believer," though the Mets went to work.

David Wright led off with a double off the wall. Carlos Beltran, who has been somewhat deficient in the power department, followed with a game-tying blast. Last in the inning, Fernando Tatis who has been the Mets good luck charm of late singled in the go-ahead run. Billy Wagner was overpowering striking out the side in the ninth.

The Mets just have a different feel to them this last week and they were able to regain the momentum that was slowed yesterday a bit by Aaron Heilman's disasterous effort.


Mike Pelfrey did what he had to do to make the Mets decision on who to send down when Pedro returns difficult. The problem is that Carlos Muniz has been impressive since he returned from AAA and Claudio Vargas has given the Mets a solid start 3 out of the 4 times he took the mound. Will the Mets reconsider sending Heilman down to work out his kinks after it looked like they had scrapped that plan?


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