Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some Losses Are Easier to Live With

Earlier in the year watching the Mets was like watching "Groundhog Day." Early in the game, the Mets would get bases loaded one out and someone would hit a sac fly then the next batter wouldn't get a hit. Maybe in the fourth or fifth inning, David Wright or Ryan Church would hit a home run. The game would stay close then someone in the bullpen, usually the since released Jorge Sosa or Aaron Heilman would let the game get out of hand. Then the Mets offense would shut it down and Carlos Delgado and Luis Castillo would jog to first as they grounded out.

However, some things have changed a bit since Willie's big meeting with the Wilpons. This team has developed some fight. First there was Endy's dramatic 9th inning home run on Thursday then we see the Mets offense fighting back from behind not just once, but twice yesterday. The players on the bench look fired up.

Randolph benched Delgado against two lefties this week "to clear his head" and perhaps send a messsage. Delgado, who at times this year has been shy about bending over for groundballs, actually made a diving stab of a rope by Andre Ethier on Thursday. This prompted Willie to say what the monkeys and all the fans were thinking "I like it when his uniform gets dirty. His uniform has been pretty clean for a while." Good for Willie for saying that.

Luis Castillo has gotten hot and all of a sudden his OBP is .389 and his OPS is a more respectable .764. Of course the brittle Castillo suffered a minor injury yesterday so let's hope he gets back in the lineup soon.


As I am sure you can guess, it is the enigmatic Aaron Heilman. The monkeys had defended him and were starting to get rewarded until yesterday. Aaron had been looking so good and then reverted back to the pitcher that was getting lit up earlier. Before it was because he was in love with his changeup. Yesterday, hitters were teeing off on his fastball as well. Perhaps it was too soon to bring Aaron back in a game we had the lead.


Still if the Mets bounce back with a win today, they can continue the momentum they have started to gain. All losses count the same, but indeed some are better than others.


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