Sunday, May 4, 2008

Facing Our Fear of Snakes

What could have been a very frustrating loss turned into a really nice win in a hurry. This was the second straight start the bullpen blew Johan Santana's win. Once again though, Santana was partially to blame because although he pitched very well, he didn't give the length that he's going to need to give as the season goes on. The monkeys have all the confidence that he will as it traditionally takes Santana about two months to get into top form. Santana, even as he is now, is still a really good pitcher.

The Mets were only able to get two runs today off a strong Danny Haren. David Wright hit his 6th homerun and Jose Reyes drove in the other run. In the 9th inning, Conor Jackson messed up a sure double play with an awful throw that went into leftfield. If the Diamondbacks didn't provide the Mets with enough help on that play, Bob Melvin made a puzzling decision to intentionally walk Luis Castillo who was 0-14 and has had all sorts of trouble this year getting in men from third with less than two outs.

What was nice to see though was that the Mets added a couple of insurance runs with Marlon Anderson's pinch hit single and Jose Reyes' sac fly. Make no mistake, even with the help the Mets received this was big that they took 2 out 3 in Arizona. It is good to see we can beat them in a series. It will better to see that in October.


Watching Luis Castillo at the plate and wondering again if Omar really had to offer a 4 year contract. Couldn't he have given him a 2 year contract? Even a 3 year contract?

2 more errors. The Mets need to tighten up the defense, particularly against good teams like Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

When we get to September, a loss in April will count as much as one down the stretch. The team that's here now has to win now. Waiting for Pedro or anybody else guarentees a lot of Mets will be calling for tee times when the playoffs roll around.