Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Walking Disaster

Oliver Perez continued to frustrate the monkeys yesterday with a ridiculously quick outing where he allowed 7 runs and walked 5 batters. After yesterday's game where the Mets went into extra innings, they needed Perez to go give them some length. This week's rainout turned out to big for the Mets because it allowed Nelson Figueroa to eat some innings and not further tax an overworked bullpen. Another small, but noted contribution by Figgy who does not have anywhere near the God given talent that Mr. Perez was born with.

Perez is so frustrating because we all know how good he can be. He came up big his 2 playoff games in 2006. He has consistently dominated the Yankees and the Braves which are always high profile games for the Mets. In the early part of this year in what were statement games, Perez provided two shutout, although not lengthy, outings vs. the Phillies. The monkeys still like Perez in a big game. But why does he struggle against a team like the Pirates?

Judging by the number of unearned runs he has allowed the past two years (20 last year and 5 already this year), Perez lets things bother him when things are not going his way. He has a hard time repeating his delivery. If you were to golf with him, you'd expect to see a few birdies and then some holes where he got a 13.

Billy Wagner seemed to partially absolve Willie Randolph and Rick Petersen of some responsibility by claiming Perez is "like talking to a wall." Of course, you can be sure Scott Boras who is representing Perez will talk to him. Perez could still be one of Boras' top commissions this offseason. And even a wall eventually listens if you tell them you are going try and paint them gold.

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