Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Misplaying His Hand

Under Willie Randolph's watch, the Mets lost in 7 games to a Cardinals team that was barely over .500 during the season and he received a contract extension.

Under Willie Randolph's watch, the Mets endured one of the greatest collapses in baseball history and he got to keep his job.

Under Wille Randolph's watch, the Mets have played uninspired baseball for 40 games showing less than maximum effort and he has been able to keep his job.

Prior to the Yankees series, Omar Minaya gave Willie a vote of confidence. The Mets beat up on their crosstown rivals and all seemed to pass.

However, Willie's recent comments indicating that his race has something to do with how he has been portrayed by the media is the thing that just might get him fired. The fact that he uses Isiah Thomas, the biggest imcompetent to run a sports franchise in the last 50 years, as an example of how the press treats Afro-American executives shows how far he is reaching. The fact that he brings up Herman Edwards, who continuously bungled clock management, is also a reach.

The monkeys believe all men are created equal. This also means that it is equally possible that an Afro-American can be incompetent as a Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian. Jeff Torborg and Art Howe were treated poorly by the media because of their incompetence as well. They didn't have the ability to blame it on their race. If they did, they would be equally at fault. In fairness, it must be noted that Randolph has done a far better job than those two did. He has also done a far better job than Isiah Thomas and even a little better than Herm Edwards did which is why he was fooolish to bunch himself with them.

Willie has since backtracked on these statements. But everyone knows that the Wilpons are very sensitive to negative publicity. Last time bad publicity got us John Maine. This time it might get us Jerry Manuel or Ken Oberkfell.

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