Monday, May 26, 2008

Meet The Wilpons

Hey, NY Mets. Raise your hand if you are a left-handed reliever. Raise your hand if you throw sidearmed. Raise your hand if you have a concussion. Raise your hand if you just got here 2 days ago. If your hand is not up, you have so far underachieved this season.

Is that all the Manager's fault? Well, the number one role of a Manager is to get the most out of their players. Is it Randolph's fault that Carlos Delgado has diminished skills that come when big sluggers age? No. Is it Randolph's fault that Jose Reyes often seems to playing in a fog and has regressed? Certainly, he must accept some of the blame for that.

Willie Randolph is meeting this morning with the Wilpons. By the end of the meeting, he may or may not be managing the Mets. He had better go in the meeting with better answers than he usually gives. The following will not be acceptable:

The Wilpons: Why are we 23-25?

Willie: When Pedro and Moises come back, I'm sure we'll get in a nice little rhythm.

MONKEYS' COMMENT: The Mets spend too much time waiting to be rescued by old players that are slow to recover and then break down again.

The Wilpons: Why aren't your players running hard? There are times that cost us an extra base or run.

Willie: Most of those times the guys probably wouldn't have been safe anyway. My guys are men. I trust them.

MONKEYS' COMMENT: Willie too often lets his guys off the hook. In the series against the Braves, it was crystal clear they were out hustled. That can't happen.

The Wilpons: Why can't you get through to Jose Reyes?

Willie: You have to remember he's just a baby. He's still developing.

MONKEYS' COMMENT: He's developing backwards. He was an MVP contender in 2006, now he might be the 4th best shortstop in the NL East.

The monkeys are not even going to get into the SNY coverage and Willie's race comments which we had previously covered. Willie better be more prepared to meet with the bosses. The Wilpons might make it easy on the headline writers if they fire Willie on Memorial Day.


Valentino Pascucci has 10 homers in 86 AB's with a .408 OBP and a 1.140 slugging percentage at AAA New Orleans. If Ryan Church needs to go on the DL, he's the guy who needs to be called up.

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