Saturday, May 24, 2008

In the Nick of Time?

Another horrible loss last night and another outfield injury. To replace Marlon Anderson who was placed on the DL with a hamstring injury, the Mets recalled Nick Evans. For those readers who didn't recognize the clip from a couple of days back (The Grass Isn't As Green As You Might Think"), that was Nick Evans blasting one out of the park.

Nick Evans was having a nice year at AA Binghamton showing a lot of power with 8 doubles, 5 triples and 8 homeruns and an OPS of .894. He has absolutely mashed lefties with a .349 BA.

If he is here, give him a shot to play particularly against lefties. Carlos Delgado is hitting .200 this year against lefties. The problem is with Willie fighting for his job, would he really want to put his fate in the hands of a rookie who doesn't even have AAA experience? However, an influx of young talent and energy is exactly what this team needs. Could this be a little too much too soon for Evans? Of course it could, but how could it hurt to find out? Nobody wants to see Evans get 3 pinch hit at bats while he is here. Let the kid play and see what he has.

If the Mets could develop a right-handed hitting first baseman, the lineup balance would be helped tremendously particularly if the long term blueprint calls for lefties Fernando Martinez and Ryan Church to be the corner outfielders.

Here's your shot, kid. The monkeys are rooting for you.

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king kong said...

that was awesome, that ape can rock. too bad that ape plays the drums with 10x more intensity than the mets play ball.

met management has always handled things with class. they would let willie play out the season but the problem now is that everyone smells blood (gary carter calling to get the job) and willie has turned into a lame duck and will manage the team like one.

Let's bring in trump and announce over the big screen - Willie, you're fired.