Monday, May 12, 2008

There is No Great Pumpkin!

As they say at the bakery ... next! Nelson Figueroa, the Mets feel-good story of 2008 has turned back into a pumpkin. The man who was drafted by the Mets and last pitched in the big leagues in 2004 was easy to root for. His comeback took him through Mexico and Taiwan. In his return to Major League Baseball on April 11 with his family in attendance, he pitched 6 innings, allowed 2 hits, walked two and struck out 6, getting credit for the victory. His second start was just as good as he threw 7 innings allowing just 2 runs while striking out 7. When Oliver Perez was melting and the bullpen needed someone to eat valuable innings, Figgy stepped in and ate 3 innings at a key time. Figgy had a nice run, but sadly it seems as though it is over.

For the 4th straight start, Figgy was unable to go 6 innings. He had no command of his pitches walking 5 batters after his previous start where he walked 4 batters. His stuff simply is not good enough to walk that many.

So who might replace Figgy in the rotation until Pedro returns? Well, it might be time to give Tony Armas Jr. a shot since he is on the same turn as Figgy. Armas Jr. has pitched pretty well down in New Orleans with a 3.02 ERA. Tonight he threw 6 innings, let up 2 ER and struck out 8. Time for him to get a shot.

The Mets took 2 out of 3 from the Reds. They need to take 3 out of 4. Gonna be tough after losing the first game, but it needs to be done.


Has Omar finally seen enough yet from Jorge Sosa? Those of you who saw how Scarface took care of Sosa in the monkey's clip a few days back know how we feel about Sosa. The fact that they were considering sending Joe Smith down in his place is now even more laughable.

Watching Carlos Delgado looking feeble against another lefty. The bench needs a righty that can play first and spell Delgado especially if Easley is going to be needed so often to play second base. It might be time for Valentino Pascucci or Fernando Tatis to replace that other pumpkin named Angel Pagan.

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