Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Grass isn't as Green As You Might Think

There is no doubt that this is Carlos Delgado's last year in a Mets uniform. Some of you may even doubt if he will last the year before being replaced. He had a nice year in 2006 but putting it kindly, has been below par since then.

This weekend Mets fans caught a glimpse of Jason Giambi. There is also no doubt that this is his last season in New York. He also had a nice year in 2006 and has been way below par since then.

The tabloids and chat rooms have been anticipating a bidding war between the two New York teams for the services of Mark Texiera when he becomes a free agent after this year.

Let's take a brief look at their homerun and RBI production one quarter of the way through the season.
Mark Texiera 5 21
Carlos Delgado 5 19*
Jason Giambi 8 21

* 2 RBI removed by ump.

Now the monkeys know that Texiera is a much better defensive player, but are you not surprised how close these numbers are?

Both NY teams are a bit too lefthanded. Let's check each player's average vs. lefties

Average vs. Lefties

Mark Texiera .203
Carlos Delgado .214
Jason Giambi .147

Now Texiera will hit lefties better than he has, but we are 25% through the season.

Mets fans and Yankees fans both would prefer Mark Texiera than their current first baseman. The monkeys just think that the Mets might want to save their dollars to finance another bidding war. Especially since the answer to the 2009 first base question may lie within.

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