Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Kind of Monkey are You?

The Mets have started the year at 17-15. You can look at that as an optimistic monkey who sees the glass as half full or a pessimistic monkey that sees the glass half empty.

The optimistic monkey sees Oliver Perez and sees a guy who despite his inconsistencies won 15 games last year. He sees a guy who wins big games and will start to realize all his starts are "big games" as he is fighting for a big contract that will set him up for life.

The pessimistic monkey sees Oliver Perez and sees a guy who is frustrating because he is never as good as he should be. They see the guy who only 2 short seasons ago was 3-13 for Pittsburgh. A guy who is melting under the pressure of fighting for a big contract.

The optimistic monkey sees the Mets record of 17-15 and sees that the Mets have a winning record despite not clicking yet on all cylinders. Despite missing Moises Alou until this past week. Despite throwing out a patchwork back of the rotation with Pedro and El Duque out. They see the best is yet to come.

The pessimistic monkey sees a team that has gone 72-71 over their last 143 teams and quotes Bill Parcells with "You are what your record says you are." They think it's only a matter of time until Moises Alou is on the DL again and that Pedro will not ever be the same.

The optimistic monkey sees Carlos Delgado and thinks although he will never be the player he was in Toronto, he can still squeeze out 20 homers, 80 RBI and hot .250.

The pessimistic monkey sees a washed up former superstar who will be released by the All-Star Break.

The optimistic monkey sees a bullpen that is getting better. They know Heilman typically is a second half pitcher and Duaner Sanchez will only get better as he builds arm strength.

The pessimistic monkey sees a bullpen that has been overworked and remembers 2007 when that only meant a downward spiral as the year wore on.

Both monkeys have a legitimate case. The Mets have a soft part of their schedule coming up where they have seven games against two of the NL's weakest teams ... the Reds and the Nationals. The Mets need to go 5-2 or 6-1. If not, the pessimistic monkey may start winning over the jury.


fielders choice said...

did i really just watch a katie couric clip?

maybe when cbs punts her FSN will sign her onto the broadcast team to work with ron and keith. I am sure Minaya will give her a nice contract. We better sign her before the yanks get her to replace suzy waldman.

Anonymous said...

The Katie Couric clip was a tongue in cheek shoutout to the legions of pessimistic Mets fans.