Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time For A Bullpen Tweak

Now the monkeys know that the Mets may very well add a bullpen arm before tomorrow's trade deadline and if they can get one without giving up one Fmart, Niese or Kunz, it's probably a good idea. However, if the price is not right, they can do a couple of quick moves today that would help their bullpen.

1) Call up Eddie Kunz and disable Duaner Sanchez. Sanchez has been very effective most of the year barring a few really rough outings (most recently in that horrible game against the Phillies), but he is coming off not pitching for a year, his velocity is down and he appears to be hitting a wall. Jerry Manuel has obviously been trying to push Heilman into that 8th inning role so he is a bit concerned. Give Sanchez two weeks rest and maybe he returns refreshed for the stretch drive. Meanwhile Eddie Kunz has been pitching great recently in AA. For the month of July, he has pitched 10 and 1/3 scoreless innings and his earlier issues with walks have disappeared as he has walked just one batter this month. He still has not allowed a homerun in 46 innings as he throws a 94 MPH sinker. That eighth inning guy they are seeking might be right under their nose.

2) Call up Claudio Vargas and demote Carlos Muniz. The monkeys know that Vargas will have his good days and his bad days, but he is a real long man that can provide innings and not burn the bullpen out. Since Pedro and now John Maine is a risk to provide very short outings due to injury, the Mets need someone who is better cast as a long reliever than Carlos Muniz who has been adequate at best.

These two tweaks would offer some improvement. A new piece may come tomorrow which would help, but if it doesn't, the Mets can help themselves.


Jon Niese makes his AAA debut. A strong effort will keep him top of mind if Maine's injury proves longer term than anticipated.

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