Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monkeys Mid-Season Awards

Best Swinger --

National League -- Lance Berkman's year will be underappreciated because his team is playing poorly, but he has been a tremendous offensive force this year with 22 homers, 30 doubles and a 1.096 OPS.

American League -- Josh Hamilton is a great story and a great hitter. 95 RBI's at the break is just a shocking number. Hamilton has hit 21 homers and has a .310 BA making a triple crown season a possibility.

Best Climber --

National League -- Ryan Ludwick was a nice player for the Cards last year, but he has really taken off this year and is a big piece of one of the NL's biggest surprises with 21 homers and 65 RBI's at the break

American League -- Carlos Quentin struggled last year with 5 homers, 31RBI and a .214 BA. At this year's break, his numbers were 22 homers, 70 RBI and a .276 BA for the surprising first place White Sox.

Slipped on a Banana Peel --

National League -- Troy Tulowitzki was the heart and soul of the Rockies NL champion last year coming in second place in the Rookie of the Year voting (24 homers, 99 RBI). This year in an injury plagued season, he has 3 homers, 16 RBI and a .166 BA.

American League -- Travis Hafner who was so important in Cleveland's division winning team in 2007 (24 HR and 100 RBI) has been awful this year (4 homers, 22 RBI, .217 BA) while battling injuries.

Throwing the Poop --

National League -- Edinson Volquez (12-3, 2.29). Incredible to say, but the Reds may have gotten the better of the Josh Hamilton trade with this budding Ace. The Reds are struggling early this year, but with Volquez, Cueto, Bruce and Votto, the monkeys like their future.

American League -- Cliff Lee (12-2, 2.31) has been dominant this season after struggling last year. The Mets had some conversations about him this offseason. Imagine if they had added him to what has been a solid rotation.

Top Banana --

National League --- Hanley Ramirez. Who would have thought Florida would be hanging around with the Phillies and the Mets at the break? Ramirez has gotten a ton of clutch hits and has hit 23 homers with a .311 BA taking over from the departed Miguel Cabrera as the face of the franchise.

American League -- Josh Hamilton. Have to go back to this year's biggest story. He has a lot to be thankful for and does promote his savior every chance he gets. Easy guy to root for.

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