Friday, July 4, 2008

Opportunity Knocks

The monkeys want to talk about the big series before all the other nonsense that are taking off the headlines the last couple of days. And first let's tip our caps to Jerry Manuel who unlike previous manager Willie Randolph actually acknowledges that this is indeed a big series.

If the Mets were to pull off a 4 game sweep (a difficult task, no doubt), they would be within a half game of the Phillies and would be essentially getting a mulligan on the first half of the season. Imagine that. All the drama surrounding this team would be instantly washed away and the season would almost begin anew. It would be like when Pamela Ewing woke up and opened the shower door and saw Bobby Ewing and realized the entire season had been a dream. What an opportunity!

That being said even 3 out of 4 would accomplish an awful lot. It would make the Mets 7-3 vs. the Phillies for the season and continue their efforts of exercising last year's demons. It would put them just 2 behind in the loss column and give them a chance to have positive feelings going into the break if they have a good final week.

A split would be like kissing your sister like all ties are said to be. It wouldn't put the Mets out of it, but there would be a feeling of a missed opportunity. Still, it is a road series against a good team so it wouldn't be a tragedy if the Mets gained a game next week and finished the break within 3.5 games.

If the Mets lost 3 out of 4, it would be a blow. The team has played better baseball lately and going back to 6.5 would put them only 1 game way from their biggest deficit of the season. And after getting a break and missing Cole Hamels this series, it would be a very bad sign if this happened.

If the Mets lost all 4 games, it would be a tragic blow that would make the Mets need to really reevaluate their strategy for 2008. The Mets have been stubborn about making themselves sellers when the situation calls for it. In this case, the Mets need to understand the fans are savvy and would understand if they traded off some pieces to get younger and try for another run soon. This team is not one that is universally loved and no one is going to shed tears if the Mets get swept and decide to shake up a team that collapsed in 2007 and looks like a pretender in 2008.

Lots of different scenarios abound. The monkeys are optimistic. Johan Santana needs to step up like an ace and beat JA Happ who was just called up from the minors. The monkeys have written about how they are not disappointed with Santana because he has mostly pitched in bad luck, but there can be no excuses tonight. If the Mets score 1 run, he needs to pitch a shutout. If there are errors, he needs to bail his team out. The monkeys are confident he'll come up big.


Most New York papers are writing headlines today about the Jose Reyes- Keith Hernandez confrontation. Reading the story, it seems like things have been blown a little out of proportion. Keith is allowed to criticize Jose when he acts like Tanner Boyle. Reyes shouldn't be so concerned with what others are saying about him. Take a cue from the Bronx Shortstop who shrugged off the poll where his peers voted him the most overrated player in the game.

The other recent story is how Jerry Manuel didn't know who Val Pascucci was. This story was under-reported. The monkeys are among several bloggers that have lobbied for Pascucci to be added to the Mets bench. When the monkeys interview with a company, they make sure they research the company. Manuel should know the Mets system particularly the ones at AAA that might be needed. His excuse that Pascucci wasn't at spring training was lame. We're pretty sure that Manuel doesn't know who Wilmer Flores is. And if he doesn't learn soon, he shouldn't be around long enough to reap the rewards that Flores will be giving.

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caught looking said...

mr. monkey:

something i am wondering -

As far as Keith goes, he is a legend with Mets fans, but I wonder did St.Louis treat him with "kid gloves" when he tended toward the first base line after games? I do not recall why St. Louis traded him but perhaps that had something to do with it. Now Keith is complaining about Jose acting out and what are we to trade a guy that is the next Ricky Henderson?

enough already.