Friday, July 25, 2008

Rewatch Rocky III

Carlos Delgado no looks bored. The Mets have the swagger that David Wright talked about the team needing to back in every interview he gave when the Mets were struggling. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, their MVP Jimmy Rollins showed up late to the rubber game of the Mets/Phillies series and was benched. A few weeks back, Rollins failed to run out a pop up that was dropped. It all got the monkeys thinking about Rocky III.

After Rocky beat Apollo Creed in Rocky II, we see that his celebrity has grown. He's on the cover of magazines, doing commercials and endorsements and just enjoying the fruits of his success. Meanwhile a new hungry opponent, Clubber Lang is climbing the ranks, rapidly becoming the number one contender for Rocky's title. He desperately wants a shot at the title, more or less declaring "he is the guy to beat," not unlike Jimmy Rollins' statement before the 2007 season that the Phillies were "the team to beat." A soft Rocky ended up losing his title to a hungry Clubber Lang just like the Mets lost out to the Phillies.

With the help of a new trainer, Rocky starts to get his swagger back not unlike what the Mets have done under their new Manager Jerry Manuel. Clubber Lang starts to become a little distracted giving interviews before the rematch ever so slightly losing his edge, not doing the little things that got him where he was.

As the two fighters get their instructions from the referee in the rematch, they stand nose to nose in center ring. In the first fight, the same pose brought averted eyes from Rocky, but now he stands up fully concentrated to Clubber's challenging stare. The Mets who been beaten up by the Phillies last year constantly cracking under pressure have this year stayed focused and won all 4 series against their rivals.

There is still a long way to go in the season, but the monkeys are seeing some interesting parallels. As we get to the final third of the season, time to ring the bell ... ding ding.

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