Friday, July 11, 2008

Eight Belles Finally Put To Sleep

It comes to nobody's surprise that Moises Alou tore his hamstring diving for a ball during a rehab game. It was not a shock to learn that he will likely need season- ending surgery that could easily mean career ending surgery. While the monkeys raised an eyebrow wondering why this fragile old man bothered to dive in a minor league AA rehab game, it also reminded us why he was a worthwhile gamble in the first place.

Moises Alou is a gamer. It is often said that he could fall out of bed and turn on any fastball. The only problem would be that he would probably realize after getting three hits that he had pulled three muscles and tore his calf & hamstring falling out of bed.

Alou was limited to 87 games in 2007 by a quadriceps injury last season, but he hit an impressive .341 with 13 home runs, 49 runs batted in and only 30 strikeouts in 328 at-bats. He set a franchise record with a 30 game hitting streak. He made other guys in the lineup better. In the two years Alou played for the Mets, David Wright hit .339 on the days Alou was in the lineup. If he had been able to repeat even just the 300 AB's, he would have been worth bringing back. Given what else was out there, the monkeys can't fault Omar for rolling the dice.

Sometimes when you gamble you lose. Such is the nature of gambling. And with Ryan Church a question mark after his two concussions and Moises Alou likely finishing this season with 49 at bats, this gamble by Omar looks pretty bad right now, but a losing bet always does.

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suicide squeeze said...

time for our youth movement. i like the way this teaming is coming together. nick evans will bring new blood to this team. All great teams have a mix of vets and youth. The best thing is that petersen is no longer around to trade away our future.