Monday, July 21, 2008

Which Prospects To Trade?

As we approach the trading deadline, Omar Minaya is faced with decisions regarding how much he is willing to mortgage the future for the present. The monkeys are here to help by going over the prospects that he can trade, should proceed with caution before trading and those he should not trade.

For those who do not know, you cannot trade anyone from this year's draft so guys like Ike Davis, Reese Havens and Brad Holt cannot be traded.

Fernando Martinez -- Although it would be foolish to expect him to help much this season, most scouts expect Fernando Martinez to develop into a superstar. He wowed them at the futures game and is just 19 competing at AA. Yes, his power is not developed yet (4 homers) and his walk/strikeout ratio (14 walks to 53 strikeouts) needs some work, but he is poised to be a mainstay that will cost the major league minimum for a couple of years which would allow the Mets to spend on other needs. If they wouldn't include him for Santana, don't trade him now. -- UNTOUCHABLE

Mike Carp -- After a torrid start, Carp has slumped a bit lately. Carp does have a good eye and some power, but his defense at first and in left have impeded his ascension to the majors. It would be nice to see what he could do, but there are other lefty first basemen in the organization and will be even more on the market if needed over the next few years --- TRADE BAIT

Jon Niese -- The top lefty pitching prospect in the organization, Niese is having a good year in AA (5-7, 3.22 ERA. 104 strikeouts, 43 walks). With Perez and Pedro question marks to return next year, Niese is the only viable in-house option to fill a spot. --- PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Bobby Parnell -- After a rough start this year, Parnell has pitched great. He throws hard and many feel he could wind up being a good bullpen piece. His delivery worries some though and that makes him a risk the Mets may rather someone else take. -- TRADE BAIT

Eddie Kunz -- The Mets first pick last year has 25 saves at AA. While he has to cut down on his walks, it is still something to watch. The number that sticks out though is that he has not allowed a homerun in 43 innings. His hard sinker could give the Mets bullpen another look. --- PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Nick Evans --- Evans has looked good at times, but mostly struggled so far in the majors. He may not be ready yet, but given how many of the Mets hitting prospects are lefty, it is probably a good idea to keep Evans who is really their only righty power prospect that is close. Even if he doesn't develop into a starting player, he could be a nice role player for several years --- PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Dan Murphy -- Murphy recently volunteered to move to second base. He has made 3 errors, but has looked decent there so far. He has hit 11 homers and 19 doubles at AA and is a selective hitter. Many scouts feel he is the best of the "Holy Trinity" (Carp, Evans, Murphy) at AA. Still, his lack of position makes you have to at least think about giving him up for the proper return -- TRADE BAIT

There are others in A Ball who should be considered trade bait including Michael Antonini and Ezequiel Carrera. There are also others that should be untouchables like Scott Moviel.

The Mets should not doing any 4 for 1 trades at this point, but to get a quality outfielder that could put them over the top, putting Parnell and Carp in an offer would be okay. Remember you have to give to get it. Well usually......


Maxamilian said...

No offense, but have you actually seen any of these guys play?

Everyone knows Fernando is untouchable, but many don't understand why... that's another story, though, for another day.

Niese, in my opinion, is not a Major League pitcher. Parnell is. I would trade the former 9 times out of 10 before the latter. Parnell, whether it be as a starter or a reliever, has a future in MLB. Kunz, with that devastating power sinker, is a guy I'd tag as untouchable-- not because he's gonna be flat-out amazing necessarily, but because you'll never get fair value for him.

Murphy can flat-out hit. Carp has really good power. I would absolutely not categorize either as trade bait. Evans, on the other hand, will not hit for enough power to stick in the Bigs and would be better off going to another team for OF help.

As for A-ball players, trading them is always a bad idea. That's how the Mets ended up missing out on Jason Bay. You can't get a handle on their potential until they hit A+ or AA most of the time.

Niese + Evans to get Nady or Bay is a trade I definitely make. Truthfully, I might even include Carp as well.

Maxamilian said...

As an addendum, I didn't mean to disrespect you, but I respectfully disagree with some of your opinions on the trade status of the aforementioned players.

metsmonkeys said...

The monkeys have seen most of them play, but this blog is an open forum for debate so your opinions are welcome even if the monkeys think you're bananas.