Friday, August 1, 2008

The Day After Deadline Day

The monkeys had hoped the Mets would be able to add a relief pitcher. They thought an outfielder might also be nice. Still, the monkeys would have hated it if the Mets had overpaid to acquire anything less than top talent. Watching throughout the day, the Monkeys were appalled to hear that the Mariners were asking for two out of Fmart, Niese and Kunz for Raul Ibanez. Minaya was correct to say the Mets cannot trade multiple prospects for rent a players.

Sometimes timing makes someone untouchable. Jon Niese looks like a nice pitcher, but not a #1 or a #2 and in most cases, the Mets can afford to give up a guy who only projects as a #3 or a #4. In fact the Mets have 3 pitchers in the lower minors that potentially project as top of the rotation starters that may have brighter futures than Niese. However with Oliver Perez and Pedro Martinez both free agents next year, the Mets had to be very careful trading their only realistic minor league option for next year's rotation.

The one player who it looked like Omar kicked the tires on that excited the monkeys was JJ Putz. Putz is having a down year because of injuries, but maybe a change of leagues would help helped him. What's more, he is a great bounce back candidate for 2009. Too bad the Mets missed out on this one.

The monkeys were shocked that the Red Sox traded Manny away. Couldn't they have dealt with a motivated Manny who knew they were declining his option and thus had to play for a contract? Minaya said that the Mets didn't have a ready to start outfielder to offer the Sox neglecting to mention that the Dodgers didn't give one up to get Manny. Couldn't the Mets have matched the Dodgers offer and offered prospects to the Pirates?

Reading the Boston papers, the local reporters weren't as miffed as we were. Manny's teammates really wanted him gone. How would Mets fans feel if Manny sat out a game against the Phillies with a questionable injury? How about if he was laughing as the Mets lost a key game in September when they were in first place and looked like they were starting to again fall apart at the end? How would he influence the easily impressionable Jose Reyes? The monkeys understand if there was some hesitation among the Mets hierarchy.

Deals could still be made in August and the Mets could acquire someone who passed through waivers. Both Jon Niese and Dan Murphy were promoted to AAA this week. Eddie Kunz is still pitching lights out in AA. Fans are much more likely to be okay with the Mets lack of a trade if some of these guys help down the stretch. Time to give some a shot particularly Eddie Kunz. The final third of the season is upon us.

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