Friday, August 29, 2008

Full From Crow

The monkeys were way ahead of the curve on Mike Pelfrey's turnaround pointing out that his career trajectory was very similar to others with a hard sinker in a May post.

In a May column "Disappointment In Santana For The Birds, Not the Monkeys," the monkeys chastised those fans that were complaining about Santana's performance pointing out his start was consistent to all of his successful seasons.

In a June post, the monkeys told fans to be patient with Ollie Perez as he was still the pitcher with the most God-given ability on the staff other than Johan Santana.

So, the monkeys could be eating some banana splits to celebrate our great ability to predict the future if it wasn't for one thing.... we're too full from eating crow that Carlos Delgado has made us eat.

While we were far from the only bloggers to give up on Mr. Delgado, the monkeys were particularly brutal on Carlos. We blamed him for the team attitude when he said "The Met were so good they got bored." We wrote that 20 homers, 80 RBI, .250 would be the most we could expect from him and then we could just say goodbye and good riddance. And yes, at one point we advocated designating Delgado for assignment and calling up Mike Carp.

And now here is the reality ...Carlos Delgado is a hot month away from being NL MVP. His teammates David Wright and Jose Reyes are in the race. Chase Utley can still win the award if the Phillies overtake the Mets. Ryan Braun and Albert Pujols deserve some consideration.

Delgado has turned into a team leader walking to the mound to offer advice or calm down a pitcher a la Keith Hernandez. He has had many clutch homeruns that have keyed the Mets metamorphosis that occurred since Willie Randolph was fired. His presence in the cleanup spot has given David Wright better pitches to hit. And he is climbing quickly on the league's homer and RBI leaders list.

The monkeys were so wrong on this we had to eat both Heckle and Jeckle.

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