Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Throw It At The Wall And See What Sticks

Last night the Mets got bad news regarding Billy Wagner. Best case scenario has him coming back in 3 weeks while worst case has him having a major injury that could affect his status at the start of 2009. Mets fans are in a panic about missing a guy they were ready to crucify just a few short weeks ago. Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder.

So, the Mets will continue to seek answers for the pen anywhere they can. Give us your tired, your injured and underachievers.

Was once good but now having trouble coming back from TJ surgery? Welcome Luis Ayala.

Was good last year, but off the field baggage and nagging injuries got you down? We'll take you Al Reyes.

Struggling in your rehab but still throwing hard after TJ surgery? Ambi Burgos, come on down.

Couldn't beat out Pedro Feliciano and Scott Schoenweiss this spring and had to play in the Mexican League? Hola, Ricardo Rincon. Let's talk.

Olympic Hero? It would be UnAmerican not to consider calling you up in September, Brandon Knight.

Expect the return of Eddie Kunz and Carlos Muniz on Sept 1st as well. Some of these guys are going to need top contribute if the Mets are to win the East.


Flying under the radar with all the Daniel Murphy love, the monkeys haven't missed that Nick Evans is smashing lefties and holding his own in the surprisingly effective platoon.

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