Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eight Would Have Been Enough

The Mets suffered a very tough loss last night. It was very unusual in many senses. Rarely do the monkeys watch a tense 7-0 game, but we were never comfortable with Pedro pitching in Citizen Bank Park and knew the poison pen was still looming. At a Yardbarker event, the monkeys mentioned this game was not yet ready to be put in the books.

Even as the momentum was turning in the Phillies favor, some good signs still indicated this could be the Mets night. The much maligned Aaron Heilman gave a gutty effort throwing 3 scoreless innings. Carlos Delgado saved a game with his defense! But it was not to be.

Although the monkeys have been mostly satisfied with Jerry Manuel's in-game managing, especially compared to his predecessor, we thought he missed the boat on one particular move. Brian Stokes looked very sharp last night. With a bullpen full of guys who are a crapshoot nightly, why not ride the hot hand as long as possible? Send Stokes out another inning there. Let him finish the game if he pitches a clean eighth.

The monkeys flipped over to the Yankees and saw Arod hit into a crippling double play that may have essentially ended the Yankees' season. The Mets own third baseman, David Wright, also hit into a crushing double play when the Mets had a chance to add what are always needed insurance runs late in the game. And they only needed one run. Eight would have been enough. And the now the Phillie fans get to enjoy this song instead of the monkeys.

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