Saturday, June 7, 2008

Surprising Stat

By all indications, the best stat to prove the worth of a player is OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage). The monkeys read the newspapers and the blogs and know that there is a lot of Luis Castillo bashing and until recently, plenty of Jose Reyes bashing. The Yankees for the most part are not nearly as scruntinized. Let's look at the OPS of the middle inielders in this town:

Jose Reyes .848
Derek Jeter .724
Luis Castillo .711
Robinson Cano .609

Now a few weeks ago when the various local newspapers did their yearly position matchup questions, the typical shortstop column contained a sarcastic "remember when people actually thought Jose Reyes was the best shortstop in NY." Well, time to revisit those snide comments.

No one is suggesting that we'd rather have Luis Castillo than Robinson Cano, but for all the bashing he is taking, Castillo has been more productive. He has THE SAME NUMBER of homers as Jeter and only one less than Cano. He has one less RBI than Cano ... and he frequently needs to sit out for his ailing knees. It just goes to show the local press is tougher on the Mets than the Yankees.


If the point of having three catchers is to allow Ramon Castro, a good hitter, a chance to pinch hit without getting caught without a catcher if Brian Schneider gets hurt, why did Willie use Robinson Cancel instead at a pivotal point in the game last night? Cancel had not had a major league AB since 1999. Mystifying.


If you're in SD watching the Mets, this is one of the monkeys' favorite restaurants.


Anonymous said...

you lost all respect as a site.....cmon man, everyone knows what jeter/cano can do and what reyes/castillo want to single out 2 months worth of numbers but look at the career numbers for those players.....THE OPS,OBP,SLG IS NOT EVEN CLOSE WHEN YOU LOOK AT FULL SEASONS......REYES AND CASTILLO ARENT HALF OF A JETER OR CANO

Anonymous said...

If you read the article carefully, it wasn't saying Castillo was better than Cano. It was saying how the local press is not nearly as tough on the Yankee players.

As far as Reyes, he has taken a lot of bashing and Jeter has not, but clearly Reyes has had a much better 2008 so far than Jeter.