Friday, June 20, 2008

New Hire Intriguing

The Mets hired Wayne Krivsky today as a scout. While the monkeys are more skeptical than most that Omar's job is in jeopardy, it is worth noting the possibility that his replacement might just be the Mets' newest scout. Krivsky was fired 21 games into the season and that firing received some criticism.

Although struggling currently, the Reds look like a team that has a bright future. Krivsky had a mixed record as a GM. He made a great deal getting Bronson Arroyo for Willie Mo Pena. He acquired Brandon Phillips for a player to be named later.

The most controversial trade of Krivsky's tenure was the deal that sent outfielder Austin Kearns, shortstop Felipe López, and minor league right-hander Ryan Wagner to the Washington Nationals for right-hander Gary Majewski, left-hander Bill Bray, veteran shortstop Royce Clayton and minor-leaguers Brendan Harris and Daryl Thompson, an infielder and right-handed pitcher, respectively. This one had panic written all over it as the Reds were contending at the time, but needed immediate bullpen help. Some sources in the organization claimed Krivsky never listened to advice. Of course, the monkeys wish that Jim Duquette had that flaw as well.

He also traded Josh Hamilton from the Reds to the Rangers for pitchers Edinson Volquez and Danny Herrera. This was a deal that is working for both sides as Hamilton is an MVP candidate and Volquez is a Cy Young candidate. Good to see Krivsky has the stomach for big deals. Even better to see he values pitching over hitting.

Again, the monkeys don't think Omar is in trouble just yet, but an interesting hire today nonetheless.


The Mets wisely this time are not making Ryan Church fly to Colorado for this series even though he is eligble to come off the DL on Saturday. The Mets were widely criticized for putting Church on a plane to Denver so soon after his concussion when he should obviously not have gone to Colorado. Many have noted that putting Willie on the plane was only the second dumbest move the front office made regarding the passenger lists this season.


Wilmer Flores, the monkeys' favorite 16 year old phenom, went 1 for 5 yesterday for Kingsport dropping his average to .467.

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