Monday, June 23, 2008

Give Us Some Credit, Fred

The monkeys watched Fred Wilpon's interview today and smiled. Fred seems like a nice man, but despite his business acumen, he does not seem exceptionally bright. This was a man who met Art Howe and thought he lit up the room. This was a man that actually argued that Victor Zambrano had the third best fastball in the AL and was a budding ace. This was a man that just told us Omar is doing "a great job." The monkeys are stronger supporters of Omar than most, but even we would be hard pressed to describe his work as "great." But the thing that made us smile most was Fred's insistence that Willie's firing was Omar's decision.

Now, maybe it was Omar who made the final decision. But after all the organizational leaks, what choice did Minaya have? The constant speculation of Willie's status was simply just too distracting. And the person who leaked the rumored firing really made the decision for Omar. If Fred doesn't respect the fans enough to know they will figure that out then shame on Fred.


So, let's see. Luis Castillo is heading to the DL, but he is in tonight's starting lineup.

Moises Alou can't be counted on for this year, yet Tony Bernazard says Alou will be back by the All Star break.

Angel Pagan is recovering nicely and just needs to start swinging yet other reports have him needing season ending surgery.

The Mets and the beat reporters need to get their stories straight.


Wilmer Flores has slowed down a bit since his crazy start, but the monkeys are still watching him. Javier Rodriguez, the Mets most recent draft signee who was the top high school prospect in Puerto Rico just joined the Gulf Coast Mets. Recent pick catcher Dock Doyle plays on that team. Fernando Martinez is rehabbing with the GCL team. Let's get some rookie league games on SNY. Enough with the loudmouths.

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