Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maybe Jack Bauer Should Be The GM

The dust has settled a bit on the Mets firing fiasco this week, but it will take the organization a little while to recover from the hit it took this week from the press and the fans. With all the talk of leaks and moles in the organization, the monkeys think that watching the Mets has become a little bit like watching "24."

In Season 1, Jack Bauer was able to thwart the terrorists, save his family when it was held hostage and stop the assassination attempt of President Palmer only to find out in the very last scene that his wife was killed by his enemy, Nina Myers. It was a devastating blow that Jack still has not fully recovered from.

In the 2007 Season, the Mets were able to fight off challengers despite Pedro Martinez and Moises Alou missing most of the season and looked like they would be in the playoffs until the very last day of the season when they were eliminated by their rivals, the Phillies. It was a devastating blow they still not have recovered from.

At CTU where Bauer works, everybody always is suspicious. There are moles like Nina Myers and Marianne Taylor that reveal government secrets to the enemy making Jack's job more difficult.

With the Mets, everyone is suspicious. There are organizational leaks revealing information to the press that makes every Manager's job more difficult.

Jack Bauer frequently screams "Damn it" when a key witness dies before revealing a key clue.

Mets fans frequently have had to scream "Damn it" when Billy Wagner blows a save during a key game.

On 24, there is often someone in the White House working against the President. President Palmer's right hand man Mike Novick betrayed him in Season 2 and had him removed from office.

With the Mets, Omar Minaya's right hand man Tony Bernazard might have been working against him. Although Minaya seems to have preferred keeping Willie around, many think Bernazard was responsible for the leaks that left Minaya with little choice but to fire Willie Randolph.

On 24, they have twice tortured a CTU agent they thought was conspiring against them only to find out they had the wrong guy.

The press started to skewer Jerry Manuel for being spotted speaking with Tony Bernazard just prior to his being named Randolph's replacements. Later reports leave a little more doubt that this was anything sinister.

On 24, Season 5 reveals the ultimate villain was the President of the United States.

The more Mets fans learn about the insider workings of the Mets, the more it seems as though Owner Jeff Wilpon is the man responsible for the issues that plague the Mets.

Maybe Jack Bauer should be GM of the Mets.

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