Saturday, June 28, 2008


Before the season started, most analysts figured there were three keys to the Mets season: Carlos Delgado providing a middle of the order presence, Pedro Martinez being a top of the rotation stater and Duaner Sanchez being a top flight setup man.

Well, as the Mets continue to float around .500, it is obvious that these answers have not turned out all favorably. Until yesterday, Carlos Delgado had struggled driving in runs and hitting for average. Pedro Martinez had fought injuries and has to quote the since gone Mr. Randolph "not really found his rhythm yet. Duaner Sanchez has not been the stellar 2006 version, but really has been mostly solid and more effective than his ERA might indicate.

Yesterday, the monkeys were in the Bronx where we saw Carlos Delgado turn back time. The monkeys have been a bit rough on Delgado, but yesterday he looked like the type of presence that could help turn the Mets season around hitting 2 homers, a double and driving in 9 runs. It was only one game and he was quiet in Game 2 so we don't want to get too excited just yet. Still, the monkeys will hold off a week or two before writing anymore DFA Carlos columns.

On the other hand, Pedro Martinez just looked awful. The monkeys are hoping he is just rounding into shape after his long layoff. He had very little command of any of his pitches. Claudio Vargas who was just DFA'd had actually been doing a better job in that spot. Hopefully, Pedro turns it around. His velocity has been better than before the injury and Pedro is a very bright man so we would expect he will make some necessary adjustments.

The Mets were able to gain another 1/2 game on first place yesterday so it was still a productive day. The monkeys are hoping for at least a split the next two games as the Mets move on to games that are really more important than the subway series namely against wildcard leading Cardinals and division leading Phillies.

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