Thursday, June 5, 2008

Draft Day

Breaking News: The monkeys think the MLB draft is pretty fun to watch. What is so surprising is that this is only the second year that this has been televised. Why has it taken so long? Is it because most people didn't know many of the players being drafted like they do in basketball where people become familiar with many college players while participating in their March Madness Pools? Or football where College Football has almost as many fantatical fans as the NFL? Perhaps, but now thanks to ESPN's coverage of the College World Series, internet sites detailing the prospects and books like Moneyball that brought us into the draft war room, the excitement level of the baseball draft has risen.

The Mets had 2 first round picks and one compensation pick that gave them 3 of the top 33 picks. The monkeys had written about 6 players that had been linked to the Mets a few days back. Knowing the Mets were looking to draft position players that wouldn't take long to get to the majors, it was upsetting watching so many come off the board quickly. After Buster Posey and Kyle Skipworth, the 2 top catchers in the draft, went in the top 6, it didn't look like the Mets were going to get Jason Castro who was linked so much to the Mets by draft prognosticators that it almost feels like he was snatched from the organization like Jesus Flores was by the Nationals.

The Mets were able to grab one of the 6 players the monkeys had projected in Ike Davis. As we had previously mentioned, Davis can play first or left field. He has a sweet swing and a high power ceiling. The ESPN commentators projected him to hit 25-30 homers in the majors. Davis will join Mike Carp, Nick Evans, Fernando Martinez and Dan Murphy as contenders to replace Carlos Delgado and Moises Alou and become mainstays at Citi Field.

With the 22nd pick, the Mets selected Reese Havens. Here are some terms associated with Havens that may be unfamiliar to some Mets fans: Durable. Great makeup. Savvy. A "baseball player who makes those around him better. He is not very fast, but is a smart baserunner. His range is average. He is projected to hit between 10-15 homers. The monkeys would hope that he would move from shortstop to second base as he climbs the ladder. He does sound like the type of player you would like to play next to Jose Reyes along with David Wright. Does Anthony Hewitt who the monkeys mentioned two days ago and was selected by the Phils have a higher ceiling? Yep, but he is riskier and the monkeys like that the Mets are considering character and "baseball smarts." After watching the team this year, that is refreshing.

The Mets made a surprising pick with the 33rd pick in the draft. Brad Holt, who was listed as the 98th top prospect in BA (though ESPN had him much higher at 58th), throws a fastball between 92-94 that touches 96 MPH. He has good command and life on that pitch. The problem is his secondary pitches are not nearly as advanced. Never hurts to have power pitchers in the system, but no way of telling how this pick will pan out at this point.

Lots more picks coming up that won't be televised, but it was to see the Mets having multiple high picks for a change. The monkeys hope for a great career for Ike Davis and that we'll soon be singing .....

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