Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mets Should Consider Unloading Wags At Deadline

Monkeys are not animals that traditionally overreact. The fact is we realize that of all the Mets issues, Billy Wagner's slump is the one that is most likely an aberration that will be fixed pretty quickly. The fact that we are suggesting this idea has little to do with this past week other than the fact that it made winning the division seem a little less likely. And the monkeys are not among those that feel we should give up on the season since we see a very vulnerable Cardinals team occupying the wildcard spot even if the Fighting Phils continue to roll. No, the monkeys have other reasons for considering trading Billy Wagner.

Reason #1: The general history of the trading deadline is that no position is more overvalued at that time than a relief pitcher, particularly a closer.

Reason #2: Everyone agrees the Mets need to get younger players. Nick Evans and Fernando Martinez are not quite ready yet. Mike Carp is probably closer, but he is only one player. Since there is no fountain of youth, how is that going to happen? The free agent market usually contains mostly players 30 and over. The good ones that are younger like Teixiera and Sabathia will command a king's ransom. Someone needs to get traded to add more.

Reason #3: As Billy Beane said in "Moneyball," you can always find another closer. In fact, the Mets already have been talking to Colorado about Brian Fuentes. Hopefully, Eddie Kunz will cut down on his walks and become a viable option within a year. How hard is it to replace 13 out of 18 saves anyway?

Reason #4: You have to start taking some chances the other way. The Mets have taken some chances trading youth for vets. Time to roll the dice the other way.

Reason #5: The Golden Rule that the Mets never follow and the Red Sox always follow ... Better to trade a guy a year too soon than a year too late.

The monkeys are eyeing Tampa and seeing if Troy Percival breaks down. They would be a prime candidate for a trade partner if that was to happen.


Luis Alen, a 23 year old catcher the Mets pulled from the independent league, made his AAA debut going 3-5 with a double and a homer. We'll be watching him carefully after seeing so many catching retreads pass through Cajun Country.


the sombrero said...

i do not agree with this. who will be our closer come october? that is right, come october. that is the mindset we need not this defeatist attitude of looking to unload our all star closer. We can do the same thing the phillies did last year, this year it is our turn. Some teams take longer to gel and this team needs to find a way to step up without a true leader amongst them, and that includes willie.

Anonymous said...

The monkeys agree that the Mets still have time to gel. The thing is the Mets need to address the future as well by getting younger. Wagner, who will only be around a year and half longer, is the only asset we can afford to give up that would net young players. Perhaps Brian Fuentes could serve as a closer should we acquire him.