Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's Pascucci Doing Now?

With Fernando Tatis out for the season and Damion Easley questionable to return, the Mets can use another right-handed bat off the bench for their final nine games. Val Pascucci who has been a favorite in the blogging community has been passed over time after time, but there is no reason not to add him to the team now.

Pascucci hit 27 homers with 81 RBI. His OBP was a robust .410 and his OPS was .963 for the AAA Zephyrs. A spot just opened up on the 40 man roster with the surprising release of Al Reyes. The monkeys have heard reports of Pascucci's poor fielding, but the Mets don't need him to take the field just occasionally pinch-hit. While you don't want to clog up a 25 man roster with a guy like that, there is no reason not to add him to the expanded September roster. Perhaps with Nick Evans and Ramon Castro, he might not even be needed. But what happens if the Mets play an extra inning game down the stretch and are down to Ramon Martinez & Argenis Reyes to pinch hit against a lefty. There is no longer any excuse not to call up Val Pascucci.


Mr. Murphy came through again last night and it is easy to see why he has become a fan favorite. It should be mentioned that Nick Evans is hitting .343 against left-handed pitching and is doing the job with far less fanfare than his buddy.

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