Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mets Win "The Brian Lawrence Game"

No one is giving out any style points at this team of the season. While it was a tough game to watch, the Mets got a needed win last night. Unfortunately neither the Cubs or Braves were able to help out. If you want to find another positive from last night, it looks like only 3 teams have a shot at the last two playoff spots. Since Hurricane Ike, the Astros have been twisting in the wind and now have become a real playoff longshot.

Yesterday the Mets sent out Brandon Knight, a journeyman who should not be pitching in games that are this important. It reminded the monkeys of last year's Brian Lawrence game where we thought the same thing. However, Knight gave a decent if not lengthy effort and got a key win. Remember the Mets only missed playing October by one game and if they make it this year, it may be only one game and it might be ... the Brian Lawrence game.


If you listen carefully to Jerry Manuel and read between the lines, Ryan Church had played his last game against lefties until Tatis got injured. He was ready to put Evans back in left and then move Tatis over to right. Church has looked awful against lefties. All of a sudden, this team looks a bit like the 2006 version that was so vulnerable against lefties, they went out and got ironman Moises Alou the following season.

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