Monday, September 1, 2008

Here Comes The Cavalry

The Mets announed that they are calling up 9 players now that expanded rosters are allowed. Yesterday, the monkeys took a look at Al Reyes who could potentially have the greatest impact of the nine if he is effective. Here's a look at the other eight and some thoughts on who missed the cut:

Jonathon Niese -- Niese will get a start Tuesday against the Brewers which considering their prowess at handling lefties is a tough assignment for a rookie's debut. Overall in AA and AAA, he was 11-8 with a 3.13 ERA. The monkeys saw a glimpse of him in a televised spring start and came away impressed. Fans should keep in mind that although he is now the Mets top pitching prospect, he is projected as a middle of the rotation type. The Mets have other guys lower in their system (like Brad Holt) who project more as top of the rotation starters. So if he keeps the Mets in games, that is all the monkeys and other fans can expect. He'll likely get a mulligan if he fails against the Brewers, but if he can't do the job after 2 starts, the Mets will likely turn to Nelson Figueroa as the fifth starter.

Carlos Muniz -- Muniz had a 5.40 ERA this season in his time with the big club. He was miscast as a long reliever so he's probably a little better than those numbers, but he'll still probably being used more as an innings eater than in a more significant role. Although with a battered bullpen, innings eaters can help keep guys rested.

Ricardo Rincon -- It's been a few years since Rincon helped out a majoe league team. After having a nice spring, the Mets held on to his rights as Rincon spent the year in the Mexican League. His numbers were adequate, but not overly impressive. Still he has a 1.02 WHIP lifetime against lefties so he could be an effective Loogy which might be important with Schoenweiss' cranky back.

Bobby Parnell -- Parnell is probably not quite ready for the bigs, but he has a live arm and can throw in the mid 90's a good slider. He started in the minors, but will be used out of the pen for the Mets who could use a hard thrower in the pen. Probably better to use him in low pressure situations first to evaluate him better.

Marlon Anderson -- After a horrid first half, Marlon was hitting .303 in July and looking ready to help out off the bench before pulling a hamstring. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off in July and be a good lefty bat off the bench like he has been most of his career.

Argenis Reyes -- Great job filling in while Castillo was out, but the callup here is more of a reward for his service than a need. He'll likely get a few pinch hits here and there, but don't expect much playing time unless one of Luis Castillo's myriad injuries acts up again.

Gustavo Molina -- Merely a third catcher who wouldn't have gotten the call if Ramon Castro didn't get hurt. Molina plays good defense, but doesn't hit much (.206 in AAA. If he gets more than 5 at bats the rest of the way, things have gone horribly wrong.

Ramon Martinez -- Had a .376 OBP in AAA so I guess he falls under the Michael Tucker spot. Tucker if you recall did almost nothing positive but walk, but that was helpful down the stretch in 2006. Still, Val Pascucci who had a .410 OBP with good power would have seemed to be a wiser choice.

Others who missed the cut: The Mets realized it would make no sense for Fmart to be here and sit on a bench. Besides Pascucci though, the monkeys feel it would have been worthwhile to give Eddie Kunz another shot. Except for one outing after he had not pitched for a week, he was pretty effective. The monkeys didn't see Ambi Burgos during his rehab so we'll trust the powers that be, but a power arm like his would helped if he has progressed enough on his rehab.

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The word you're looking for, describing a group coming to the rescue, is "Cavalry."

"Calvary" is a reasonably famous place in the Middle-East. Some famous guy died on a cross there.