Monday, September 8, 2008

Wagner News Shocks the Monkeys

The monkeys were kind of prepared for the news that Billy Wagner would be out the rest of this season, but we were stunned to hear he is going to need TJ surgery and be out for most if not all of 2009.

The Mets bullpen has performed much better of late allowing only one run in their last 23 innings. Luis Ayala has saved 5 out of six games, Brian Stokes has emerged as a dependable setup man and specialists Pedro Felicano and Joe Smith have excelled since they have been used properly. Now that the Phillies have left town, the monkeys would like the Mets to see what they have with Al Reyes, who has real closing experience. Still even in an off-year, Billy Wagner provided a level of security that no one else on the current roster could provide.

Next year will present interesting choices for the Mets. Krod is available, but will cost a king's ransom. His body type is one that may not hold up year after year with lots of wear and tear. And this year he has a lot of wear and tear with more to come as the Angels have the look of a team going deep into October. Brian Fuentes and Huston Street are names that have been linked to the Mets over the last year or two. Neither is a dominant closer, but both could be functional. Remember Billy Wagner blew 7 saves this year. Those numbers may not be that hard to replace.

Wagner will certainly be missed by the media. Always a good quote, Billy tells it like it is. Some in the clubhouse might not miss that as much. The question is whether we will see Wagner pitch again in a Mets uniform. If things go well, perhaps he would make a cameo in late August or September 2009. After that, it is highly unlikely the Mets would exercise his 2010 option. And Billy said he didn't want to pitch after this current contract, so who knows?

So, how's Ambi Burgos' rehab going?

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