Monday, September 29, 2008

Heartbreak Once More

The monkeys attended the Shea Finale yesterday. As the Cubs took a 1-0 lead into the sixth inning, the monkeys were getting ready for a celebration. Carlos Beltran who was really strong down the stretch hit a game tying homerun and things looked pretty good there for a bit. After Nick Evans threw to the wrong base, Jerry Manuel made what looked for a bit like the move of the year bringing in Endy Chavez who promptly made what could have turned into a game saving catch.

Then a little bit after 4, it all fell apart. Scott Schoeneweis let up a go ahead homerun. Luis Ayala followed by allowing one of his own. And in Milwaukee, Ryan Braun hit a 2 run homerun. In the history of professional sports, how many times has the season determined by which team had the better Jew?

Carlos Delgado and Ryan Church each gave noble efforts to save the season exciting the home crowd, but neither shot was good enough. Some fans are blaming Jose Reyes' last week or David Wright for not getting enough clutch hits. Here's what the monkeys say: Don't!

37 doubles 19 triples 16 homers 68 RBI for Reyes is good enough.

42 doubles 33 homers 124 RBI for Wright is good enough.

Listening to idiots like Mike Francessa talk about trading these two burns us up. It's not about the stars. It's about the supporting cast and the bullpen.

If the games ended after 6 innings, the Mets would have by 11.5 games. If the games ended after 8 innings, the Mets would have won by 6.5 games. Pretty strong case that the bullpen is the thing that cost the Mets the playoffs.

The Mets need tougher supporting players not better superstars. For 24 fans, they need more Tony Almedias than Milo Pressmans.

In the next few days, we'll go over who should stay and who should go. For now, Shea Goodbye.


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