Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mets Only Need To Win One To Accomplish Week's Goal

Brett Myers pitched a brilliant game against the Mets yesterday and the monkeys know many Mets fans are thinking "here we go again." This is no time for panic. Early indications are that this team is different than last year's. We have written about their resilence coming back from tough losses in previous posts. There seems to be a collective understanding that even if they feel they are the best team, the division will not just be handed to them as it seemed like they felt last year. While the rotation fell apart last September, this year Santana, Pelfrey and Perez are all still performing at peak levels.

At the start of this week, the hope was that the Mets could stay even in the 3 games they played on the road against the Brewers while the Phillies feasted on the Nats. Then win 2 out 3 against the Phillies. Even if the Mets win only one game this series, they will gain a game this week which was what most fans thought at the beginning of the week would be the optimum scenario.

If the Mets can bounce back and win the next two, things will be looking very positive. The only issue comes if they lose 3 straight. Today's game will likely be rained out. If that happens, tomorrow will be one hell of a sports day with the Football openers, US Open Men's Final and the biggest two games of the year.


The Mets may have another bullpen weapon down the stretch. Rincon looked very impressive in retiring Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. All of a sudden, the bullpen is rounding into form after another fine effort by Brian Stokes.


After hearing about Mike Schmidt's "inspiring" letter left on the Phillies' clubhouse door, Wagner inquired, "What did Gary Carter send us?" Classic line from Wagner who still often gives the best one liners in interviews.

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