Friday, April 25, 2008

Swing, Man

Through the first 21 games, the Mets have had two big bullpen problems -- Aaron Heilman and Jorge Sosa. History tells us Aaron Heilman will eventually get better. He has gone through stretches like this every year. For his career, Heilman has a first half ERA of 4.77 and a second half ERA of 3.45. Not to be too "monkey hear monkey say," but it takes a while for Aaron to find his rhythm.

Jorge Sosa is a completely different story. Take away his career year with the Braves where he went 13-3 with a 2.55 ERA, Sosa's career ERA is 5.14. He has allowed an alarming number of homeruns. And his body language is not one that exudes confidence. A big part of the bullpen crew that fell apart last year, Sosa has worn out his welcome.

The Mets have a better solution in their system. You don't hear much about him. It is a name that Mets fans may not recall unless they undergo hypnosis since he was a part of a very traumatic day in recent Mets history. His name is Joselo Diaz. The other pitcher the Mets sent to Tampa Bay in the Scott Kazmir deal is back with the organization and seems to have finally overcome the control issues that have hindrerd his career.

Diaz has always thrown pitches that had velocity and movement. The monkeys were very impressed when they saw him during the Caribbean World Series and again in Spring Training.
His numbers at AAA are as follows:

24 Innings -- 13 hits -- 9 walks --- 21k's --0.90 WHIP

He can start, he can pitch long relief and he can get a key strikeout when needed. While the Mets cannot get Scott Kazmir back (at least for a while), wouldn't it be great if at least the other pitcher in that horrendous trade came up and added some much needed relief?

Leave it to the monkeys to let management know about the perfect swingman. It's so on.

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