Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Flexible Mules

Stubborness has been a quality of Willie Randolph since he took over the Mets. Everyone who witnessed last year's loyal devotion to Guillermo Mota can attest to this. So it was certainly a pleasant surprise to see Luis Castillo moved to the eighth spot in the batting order after Randolph insisted that Castillo belonged batting second despite his early struggles.

Stubborness was also a quality of Mike Pelfrey who has refused to trust his stuff. Great to see Pelfrey go after hitters aggessively. You throw a hard, heavy sinker. We saw it last year against the Braves. With Humber and Mulvey traded and Niese as the only potential pitching prospect in the near future, the Mets have gone "all in" with Pelfrey. He needs to succeed.

Stubborness is Jose Reyes swinging at pitches in his eyes and popping up on the first pitch. Nice to see Reyes actually waiting for a pitch he could hit (a triple on a 2-2 pitch !!)

Stubborness is being hell bent on getting good Dominican food at any hour ..... Welcome back, Duaner!!!


Hey, Keith. How can you not know who A.C. Slater is? We still remember how well he treated Artie his pet chameleon? We don't remember your buddy Jerry being kind to animals.

More wasted opportunities to really put a team away. Can this team drive in a runner from third with less than two outs?

Seeing Lastings Milledge, a potential Afro-American star we gave away for less than his value on a night honoring Jackie Robinson.

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