Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sorry, Tommy. We don't forgive you

The monkeys saw Tom Glavine's quotes in the paper today where he backtracked and now says as far as sports goes, his meltdown on the last day of the season was devastating. He was hoping the fans at Shea would give him a nice reception. Sorry, Tommy. Too little too late.

After a brilliant career with the Braves where he won 20 games 5 times and two Cy Young awards, the Braves refused to aggressively pursue him after he became a free agent. The Mets looking to improve their fortunes and weaken their rival, wined and dined the Glavine family until they got his signature on a 4 year contract.

Glavine’s tenure with the Mets was up and down. After a poor first year, Glavine started well in his second year making the All Star team before struggling in the second half. His third year was up and down, but his fourth year, he was pretty successful winning 15 games. All in all, Glavine gave the Mets innings, showed flashes of brilliance, but never really approached the level he had reached with the Braves.

After he became a free agent, Glavine made it clear that he was interested in returning home to Atlanta. The Braves due to either lack of interest or financial concerns never pursued him and Glavine returned one more year to the Mets. Again, he pitched almost 200 innings and had some strong starts, but not a Cy Young level season. However, at the very end of the season as the Mets were suffering through a historic collapse and in dire need of a performance reminiscent of what he had routinely given the Braves, Glavine was at his worst giving up seven runs and recording just one out.

To Mets fans that have been longing for a championship for over 20 years and had their appetite whet by coming oh so close the previous year, this was devastating. So with a wound so fresh, Glavine did not endear himself by stating he was “disappointed, but not devastated.” Three months later, Glavine resigned with the Braves telling everyone how great it was to be home.

Let’s say you were dating the hot girl in the office and then after several fun months when everything seemed to being really well, all of sudden she dumped you. Another less attractive girl in the office helped get you through it and was really, really attentive. After a while you started dating her. Before you knew it, you were dating her four years.

Now let’s say, you were a decent boyfriend, nothing special mind you, but you were around every Saturday Night, you took her to nice, but not lavish restaurants and every once in a while you even sent her flowers. Still, you didn’t treat her the way treated the hot girl. And every year at the office Christmas party, you flirted with the hot girl who dumped you. Even hinted that you would love to get back together.

Now let’s say after four years, the girl was pretty sure she was getting a ring. But instead you broke up with her … on Valentine’s Day … in the meanest possible way. And then when she complained how devasting it was you said “Devasting is what’s going on Iraq.”

Now let’s say after 3 months you get back together with the hot girl and tell everyone how great it is to be back where you belong. How do you think the less attractive girl is going to feel about you? I imagine she’ll feel a lot like Mets fans feel about Tom Glavine. And that’s why the monkeys and 50,000 fans will be booing him whenever we see him at Shea.

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