Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Maine Men

Great to see contributions tonight from some of the Mets "main men."

After John Maine's great spring, we were besieged with articles on how this was going to be his "breakout season." Maine came out a little too hyped up in his first start against the Braves and then was let down by the bullpen in his second start. Nice to see him get his first win and even though he was hard on himself at the end for those two walks at the end, this was a solid effort.

Carlos Beltran surprised everybody this spring by declaring the Mets as "The team to beat." We monkeys know how fun it is to swing and Carlos had been taking far too many pitches early on. Good to see Carlos join the fun and knock his first homer out of the park.

Those three games off really helped Jose Reyes. He has come back refreshed and is showing some power and energy that was lacking earlier in the season.

Great to have a Billy Wagner sighting tonight. A Nice 1-2-3 inning. So far, the Mets are doing a good job to insure he is fresh at the end of the year.

Other positives from the supporting cast:

Luis Castillo getting on base and clearing the pitcher's spot multiple times.

Ryan Church's homer on the eve of the Pope's visit

Joe Smith this April looking like the Joe Smith of last April.


Never throw behind the runner. Little League 101, Carlos. We'll forgive you though since you had the big homer.

A different eighth inning song. Why is there even any debate? "I'm a Believer" is the clear choice

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