Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aces High

The Mets got a dominant performance out of their shiny new ace tonight. In a ballpark like Citizen's Bank, you want to keep the ball out of play as much as possible and Johan Santana did that with a 10 strikeout performance. And there is no better way to exorcise the demons from 2007 then to beat the Phillies especially with the supposed "demon slayer."

David Wright is looking like he wants to recover the MVP trophy that was ripped out of his grasp last year with the Mets collapse. A 4-4 with 2 more RBI.

Ryan Church continues to hit lefties which has been a very pleasant surprise to these monkeys. We'll have to dig up a good crow recipe if this keeps up after all our pro -Lastings Milledge comments around town.

Our fingernails are still long & healthy since Billy Wagner continues with his 1-2-3 innings.

Finally, caps off to Pedro Feliciano who continues to just quietly go about his job brilliantly.


The monkeys know Aaron Heilman is always better in the second half so we don't go crazy with his April struggles. But does Willie need to overuse him while he is struggling? And against the team he struggles most?

Can Luis Castillo apply for a license to drive in a run?

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neil allen said...

perhaps joe smith will become our RHP of choice out of the pen, especially since Rick Petersen is done experimenting with him.